Energy tips for students

I spoke on Radio Mirchi – an FM radio channel in Mumbai – yesterday giving energy tips for students appearing for their 12th grade examinations. Though I had prepared 7 tips, not all could be included due to paucity of time. However, I thought I could put them here and hope it will help any student reading this.
Energy is everything. It drives the universe and it drives us. Every action that we do and every ritual we perform – across religions - is aimed at harnessing and directing this energy.
This subject is very very huge, but briefly put, we derive energy from five sources – from the earth, air we breathe, the water we drink, the fire or temperature that is generated inside our body, and fifthly, the space we demand for ourselves. You will feel drained or lack of energy if any or a combination of these elements is lacking in your system.
If you want to keep your body and mind healthy, you need to make sure that energy is flowing inside you smoothly. That means you need to ‘manage’ your energy. What blocks this flow of energy are factors like fear, insecurity, expectations, trauma, etc.
Now, during exams, this is precisely what happens with students. The exam stress causes their body’s energy patterns to change due to the factors I mentioned – fear, anxiety, expectation, etc. This causes what is called energy blockages, ie energy does not flow smoothly in their body. As a result, they can feel drained, listless, less confident, fearful, etc. And this has a rebound effect – since they feel low and down, their bodies generate less energy and this causes them to feel more drained.
Here are some tips that a student could follow. All these are aimed at getting the energy to flow again, and once that is done, then to increase their energy levels.

1. Rub your hands vigorously. There are acupressure points on your palms which are connected with the organs of your body. When you rub your palms, these points get activated and these organs get charged as well. So, if you are feeling low and tired, this exercise will energise you.
2. A variation of this exercise is to ask someone to massage your palm. Ask that person to press and twist the palm right till the wrist. This also helps to get the energy to flow.
3. Breathe in and out vigorously 10 times. Make sure the breath is coming from the navel and not from the lungs. Watch how you feel after you do these three exercises. Your energy would have started to flow again and once that happens, the exam situation would not seem so traumatic as before.
4. Once you have done this, go to a park, and stand barefoot on wet green grass. Raise your arms above your head as if you are taking energy from the sky. We receive energy in two ways – one from the sky and the other from the earth. This exercise enables you do both. This is enormously refreshing and has a cooling effect on the body. The moot point is the more you experience nature – the early morning sun, the morning breeze, a brief walk, etc., these will get your energy flowing.
5. When you have your bath, use a rough towel to rub your shoulder area. The reason being when students are overwhelmed by responsibility, the aura near the shoulders get heavy and dirty. That’s why we say ‘the weight on the shoulders’ for someone who is taking on a lot of responsibility
Alongside this, keep your palms on your navel and rotate it outwards towards the outer area of your stomach and then do the reverse. Go anticlockwise from the outside back into the navel. Do this about 5 times.
6. Declutter your study area. If things are lying all over the place, try to keep them organized. The simple funda is you are the way your world is. So if your world or your surroundings are cluttered, you will be cluttered inside as well. So, change one and the other changes automatically.
7. Practise the art of letting go. Do your best and outsource the rest. Coz remember one thing, you can only control action, not the outcome. Marks are not everything though the entire education system makes us believe that way. Most people who are heading companies and big businesses are not necessarily toppers. It’s not necessarily the toppers who make it big in life. So, while it is important to get good marks, it is not the end of the world if you don’t get what you expected to get. Chill guys, life is meant to have fun.
(I'll add to this whenever I recall more tips. So keep following this blog :))


Deepak Ajwani said...

Loved these tips. De-clutter desk is the one I need to at upon first I guess. Thanks mate.

vijaya chakravarty said...

Hello Sridhar, Nice tips. Nature is an energy booster. Walking on wet grass, feeling the texture of different leaves, inhaling the fragrance of wet earth and looking at the colourful blooms--uplifts both the body and the spirit. Thnx for the posting. vijaya

sudha said...

i'd like to add that all people who are heading corporates..were essentially not toppers at all as students...these were those...who even while being students gave a lot of time to others...their freinds and colleagues and peers....helping them solve their problems...sharing their problems and giving them advice...they have been willing to take on responsibility even at a young's this trait that has seen them as leaders not only in their childhood but also when they enterd their professional lives...those who were engrossed in marks...were always self obsorbed and had lil time to understand other people..or beocme people centric for that matter...and therefore they never made it as leaders when they entered the professional phase of their lives.....these were the students who were once leaders among their friends and peers in school and college ..were more engrossed with people then...they were not toppers at all...yet they scored on the people front ...then in their child hood and later on even in their adult life...

CentreTank said...

I've found that Energy Management was a great help throughout my time at university especially during exam periods. Id recommened these techniques to any student as they can help you become less stressed and more productive which is a God send when your short on time.

Steven Barnes said...

Clarity is hard to find, but precious indeed, and valuable on all levels. Personal energy flows where it is not obstructed.

Manickethaar said...

good one

Ross Taylor said...

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