Energy tips for students

I spoke on Radio Mirchi – an FM radio channel in Mumbai – yesterday giving energy tips for students appearing for their 12th grade examinations. Though I had prepared 7 tips, not all could be included due to paucity of time. However, I thought I could put them here and hope it will help any student reading this.
Energy is everything. It drives the universe and it drives us. Every action that we do and every ritual we perform – across religions - is aimed at harnessing and directing this energy.
This subject is very very huge, but briefly put, we derive energy from five sources – from the earth, air we breathe, the water we drink, the fire or temperature that is generated inside our body, and fifthly, the space we demand for ourselves. You will feel drained or lack of energy if any or a combination of these elements is lacking in your system.
If you want to keep your body and mind healthy, you need to make sure that energy is flowing inside you smoothly. That means you need to ‘manage’ your energy. What blocks this flow of energy are factors like fear, insecurity, expectations, trauma, etc.
Now, during exams, this is precisely what happens with students. The exam stress causes their body’s energy patterns to change due to the factors I mentioned – fear, anxiety, expectation, etc. This causes what is called energy blockages, ie energy does not flow smoothly in their body. As a result, they can feel drained, listless, less confident, fearful, etc. And this has a rebound effect – since they feel low and down, their bodies generate less energy and this causes them to feel more drained.
Here are some tips that a student could follow. All these are aimed at getting the energy to flow again, and once that is done, then to increase their energy levels.