Morphogenic fields at work in Egypt

Have you been observing the convulsing energy patterns across the Arab world? Are you amazed and shocked at the same time, that an uprising that started in Tunisia travelled across the region to start similar uprisings in other areas? Have you wondered how this kind of phenomenon happens?
What you are witnessing is a phenomenon called ‘morphogenic fields’ where information is passed on from mind-to-mind without any physical contact. An example of this phenomenon at work is when somebody is humming a song in his mind and you ‘pick up’ the same tune almost inadvertently without that person telling you anything about it. Or when entire communities – linguistic, religious, behavioural – function and think the same way without anyone having to necessarily teach them to do so. Like terrorists, for example. That’s morphogenetics at work.

Morphogenic fields are basically non-physical blueprints that give birth to forms. According to its founder, the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, a morphogenetic field is like an electromagnetic field that carries information only, not energy, and it is available throughout time and space. Simply put, he postulates that there is something like a group mind, or species mind, for each type of organism, and that each individual is connected to that shared mind or memory. Such an invisible group mind can account for the spontaneous eruption of behaviours throughout entire populations of animals or humans. Like the behaviour pattern we are seeing in Egypt. 
Sheldrake further says that humanity at one point in time will go through a dramatic collective shift in consciousness. For this to happen, a critical mass needs to be reached, which in other words, means a certain number of spiritually awakened individuals need to emerge.
This is best explained by Sheldrake in his ‘Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon’ where he says that a piece of information will remain within a group of people for a period of time till the critical mass is reached. He explains this with an example of 99 monkeys getting to know about an information that remains within the group, till the 100th monkey gets to know about it. That’s when the information spreads and the morphogenic fields start to work.
Translated into simple lingo, if you are wondering when terrorism will end, wait for the critical mass to be reached. It also means we have to consciously connect the goodness of one person with the goodness of another, so that a band of positivity spreads across the world. And it is this collective positivity that will achieve the critical mass that Sheldrake talks about, and bring about positive changes that will counter the negative influences that the world is seeing today.


Suhana said...

superb, have been reading & watching videos of a couple of teachers cum message bringers like Keisha Crowther, Richard Presser who are pushing for the same. everyone's encouraging us to focus on the positive .... and the tentative date for this shift seems to be 21 december, 2012

ramani said...

What is generally considered a negative phenomenon could also be a positive phenomenon, if seen in another perspective. The notion of 'terrorist' or 'trouble makers' for the State order is a subjective thing. What is happening in Egypt could be negative or a positive thing, depending which perspective one wishes to take. In fact the term terrorist will cease to exist when it reaches its critical morphogenia. Yes, the critical mass of action when it reaches it's hundreth value is lovely to experience but also scary. Its like milk boiling over. The milk needs to boil but should not boil over. This phenomenon could create a new order or destroy all orders or make a mockery of all orders and so called comfort zones. Hoping for some good morphogenic fields, even in India.

chhaya said...

Sri thanks for sharing…..ur article is spot on!! Every true siddha or spiritual master is propagating the same thought…. connecting with divinity…. One has observed a certain spiritual frenzy all around everyone wants to stay connected to some or the other guru’s energy……hoping that when the shift in 2012 eventually happens their master will help them transcend in case their own energy has not reached the required level.

macbeth said...
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rashna said...

Thanks for sharing Sri. More and more people are becoming aware and feeling the need to get connected to some group or organization, in search of answers and renewed hope.

Hiren said...

Interesting as usual. J.krishnamurthy has also said that transformation begins with an individual. That apart, what you have written reminds me of the book "The new earth" written by the author of power of Now. In that it is mentioned how a new consciousness of spiritually awakened human beings can change the world if the critical mass or tipping point is achieved

Zainab Kakal said...

Good read :)

SMITA said...

MORPHOGENIC fields at work is truely an amazing phenomenon ! collective consciousness can usherin a new era of pure awakening!
Thanks Sridhar for always bringing in some newness into our lives and set us thinking.