When the brain goes kaput

Nowadays, it is said and observed that childhood has shrunk. Fifteen years back, a 10-year-old thought differently as compared to a 10-year-old today. We often hear of earlier generations looking at the current lot and saying, “My God, I was nowhere as smart as the kids of today when I was their age”.

Watch any television music show that features kids. There was a time when one could recognise a child singing. One still distinctly remembers a Ranu Mukherjee singing ‘Nani teri morni ko mor le gayi’ in her adorable voice. But today’s kids sing like adults! The innocence seems to have vanished somewhere.

Is this good? Is this shortening a sign of natural progression? If you notice, everything in this world is shortening. Attention spans, days, understanding, patience, why even our dress sense and hairstyles! It has been said in the Hindu scriptures that in Kaliyug, everything will shorten, and how right that prediction is turning out to be!