Do we need to insulate ourselves?

Do these sentences sound familiar?

  • “Oh my battery is down.”
  • “We are on the same wavelength.”
  • “We share similar vibes”
  • “We both are on the same frequency.”

These sentences comprise normal daily lingo of most of us, don’t they? But why do we use the terms ‘battery’, ‘wavelength’, ‘vibrations’ and ‘frequency’? If you notice, all of these are words from the electromagnetism lexicon. Why do we refer to a battery? Is this battery located inside our body? Is it chargeable? What frequency are we referring to? Which wavelength? If you have been following this column, much of the subjects in it have dealt with the connection between science and spirituality; about how everything that you do or don’t do has an electromagnetic bearing.

If that is the case, we are as ‘electrical’ as a wire. No wonder, we hear people say – “Oh, he’s wired in that fashion”. A wire is cannot function without insulation. The plastic around the wire is the insulator and the wire itself is the conductor. A conductor, by nature loses energy, and the insulator’s job is to prevent energy loss.

The human body too is a conductor. Why do Shah Rukh Khan fans scream hysterically and feel the shivers and the current when they spot him? It is a case of electromagnetic conduction. That’s the reason an attractive person is termed as magnetic.

So, does the human body have an insulator too? Yes, it does, in the form of the aura that envelops it. Numerous writings are available on this subject, but it always pays to know as much detail about it as possible.

If your aura is weak (i.e. if you are poorly insulated), your energy leakage will be more. The symptoms will include fatigue, lethargy, loss, hurt, stress, insecurity, fear of the future, etc. In other words, a poor insulation will result in energy loss. Just like the electric wire. But unlike the wire where a coat of plastic does the trick, the human body has a variety of ways to strengthen the aura.

These include good diet, a positive outlook, adequate exposure to the five elements (air, fire, water, earth and space), prayers, donation, love, time, etc. It’s a game we play throughout life – the game of increasing our conductivity and simultaneously increasing our insulation. A perfect balance between the two produces a healthy human being.

This need for insulation why it is advised that meditation be done by sitting on a mat, preferably made of the Kusha grass. It acts as an insulator and prevents the earth from sucking the energy. It is also advised that food be taken this way. The concept is the same. It just goes to show that our ancestors were so far ahead in their thinking.

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