How well do you manage your space

Every spiritual seeker would be aware of the five elements that rule our existence – air, fire, water, earth and space/ether. If you want your life to be balanced, it is essential for you to be able to ‘manage’ each of these elements. Pranayam or the science of right breathing, is a classic technique of doing this. In fact, Pranayam helps in managing all the elements: air, with inhalation and expiration; fire, because the regulated breathing through the nostrils affects the nadis or energy pathways in the body and regulates temperature; water, because your body is 75 per cent water and the frequency generated by right breathing influences it; earth, because you are seated on the ground when doing pranayam; and space, because you took out time to do the pranayam.

Space is a very interesting medium. It’s a strange and different element. It’s just there. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, and you can’t say how far it extends. You can’t even say what, if anything, it’s made of. According to Einstein, space expands and contracts depending on what velocity we’re moving at, and it gets bent out of shape by the presence of solid matter.

We react to space typically: there is ‘your space’ and there is space that’s ‘not yours’. Check out parking lots and you will get the distinction clear – “That’s my parking space. You stick to yours”. Sounds familiar? Territorial behaviour has ruled living beings since eons. Not only humans, it is common knowledge that the animal and insect kingdoms function on territorial basis as well.

But the fact remains; do we own space at all? Well, maybe not. Even when you are sitting absolutely still, you are moving. The planet is spinning on its axis and revolving around the sun, the whole solar system is swinging around the galactic core, and the galaxy itself is rushing away from every other galaxy at an incomprehensible velocity. So although you think there’s a ‘your space’, you are never actually in the same space for two consecutive moments.

You can only ‘borrow’ space. You can’t own it. And during the time that you have borrowed, you need to keep that space well. You may own a flat in Mumbai, which you feel is ‘your space’. God forbid, if a natural calamity strikes and the flat is destroyed, ‘your space’ is gone. Or let’s get real: if the underworld decides to occupy your flat, your space is no longer yours!

That’s the reason, it’s more important to keep the space pure than boast about the existence of the space. The size of the flat is not as important as the way it has been kept. A small flat well maintained generates more energy than a large apartment badly kept.

So, concentrate on keeping your space pure. Not just physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual as well.