Back after a hiatus

My last post here was in November! A two-month break, and voila! what energy changes I have had in my life. A rebirth - I became a father of a baby girl. :):):) A rejig - I took a month off from work. A realisation - of where I stand in life.

December 30, 2008 has been one of the most important days in my life, when God blessed Chithra and me with a baby girl. All of 3.1 kg, 19 inches, lung power that shook the hospital corridors, and an innocence that dissolves every stress in the world.
It's said, life changes after a baby enters the picture. Quite true. Of course, for us the journey has just begun. There is obviously, much much more to come. And we are looking forward to it. For now, all we are doing is look at her face for the occasional flash of a beatific smile, and her nappy to see, well, if everything's hunky dry ;)
Babies are energy laboratories. They are pure white energy. No complications whatsoever. They are without ego. They are without expectations. They are without emotional baggage. They don't latch on to unpleasant experiences. Their mode of communication is uncomplicated. Just the bawl. Different pitches and tones of that bawl convey different meansings. And the parents, grandparents and associated cootchi-cooers surrounding her, learn over a period of time what kind of bawling means what. Amazing!
Unlike grown-ups of course, who use expressions, words, sounds, gestures and what not to communicate. And more often than not, each mode of expression is different from each other. A person's expression may be nice, but the words may not.
Babies speak in one language - no wonder they are divine and closest to Godliness.