The power of duplication

Every parent is conscious about how they raise their children. Upbringing, after all, has become so complicated nowadays. What makes it tougher is the social norm that the parents and their upbringing mechanics are to be blamed if their child misbehaves! The question therefore arises, how should one raise a child?
I was speaking to a respected Montessori teacher from Mumbai who said something very simple and pertinent to me: she said all you need to do to ensure proper upbringing, is to watch your behaviour. It is simple, she said. Your child will imitate you.

It could not have got simpler than that. And it is such a powerful thought and statement that it leads us to study the power of duplication and its impact on our lives.

The world functions on the power of duplication. Einstein called it the eighth wonder of the world! Investments, parenthood, tradition, spirituality, multi-level marketing – all of them, and much more, operate using this power.

Simply put, it is the process where an act, thought or event is repeated over a period of time, uninterruptedly. This repetition ultimately generates a power that the individual gets to enjoy. The question is how does this repetition take place, and how does it generate a power?

We can start with the earth itself, which repeats its seasons, doesn’t it? We are, after all, a microcosm of the earth. It is therefore natural that the power of duplication or repetition will work on humans as well.

Repetition increases the odds of being in the right place at the right time. One of the effects of repetition and adding detail to a concept is that the dendrites on the end of a neuron or brain cell become more complex and better developed as the information and collateral material is consolidated.

Verbal repetition has always been a part of spirituality. Many spiritual traditions use repetition as a way for reaching a divine state – be it the namaz, or reciting mantras, or attending church, or daily rituals in a temple, etc.

For instance, in the case of affirmations, prayers and blessings, the more you repeat the affirmation, the more impact it will have. The repetition at certain times of the day becomes a sort of tradition within your life. Building traditions is important when making patterns that you want to continue into the future.

If one person says an affirmation, prayer, or blessing, it produces an energy that can change his or her life. If a billion people recite an affirmation, prayer or blessing, its energy can change the very fabric of humanity. We could actually make human thought itself kinder and more compassionate and embrace love and peace as mainstays in our lives.

What determines your house's energy?

  • Have you ever visited a house and felt distinctly uncomfortable in it, wanting to run away at the first available instance? And conversely, have you been to houses, which are warm, and inviting, where you just don’t feel like leaving the place? Where you feel like ‘home’?
  • Have you felt low in the air, especially, when family members are quarrelling?
  • When a child enters your house, have you felt the surge of energy sweeping across the room? And when the child leaves, have you felt as if a story has passed by?

Everybody experiences the feelings mentioned above sometime or the other. How are they caused? Why do you feel that ‘something’ in the air whenever there is some kind of influence in the room – either human or otherwise?

The answer is a word that’s often bandied about, but seldom understood. Energy. Everything and anything that happens to you is a matter of energy movements. Primarily, these movements happen within us, and have a bearing on the energy surrounding us.

Throughout our lifetime, what we invariably do – often without realising it – is energy management. Every action is aimed at three things – Creating or generating energy, preserving it or allowing our body to utilise this energy, and discarding or destroying the excess energy. Now, does Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva sound familiar? In Hinduism, these three Gods represent the three aspects of energy that we employ in our lives.

Our breath determines the quality of the energy in us. Think about it: your breath is the only thing under your control. Nothing else can be controlled. Energy gets created when you breathe in, and gets destroyed when you breathe out. It’s as simple as that.

How is energy connected with your house? Well, the energy that you generate through your breathing, determines the energy in your house. So, if all the members of the family breathe well and correctly, the energy of the house will be good. If there are fights galore, it naturally results in faulty breathing. (Check how fast-paced your breathing becomes when you get angry, and conversely, check how your breathing becomes slower when you are relaxed).

Each breath that you take creates a frequency. It creates waves in the air, which you can’t see, but can feel. When your frequency is in sync with the frequencies of others in your house, you will experience peace and harmony. And remember, it is not just the people in the house who create frequencies. Everything in the house creates a frequency, which depends on how well that particular thing is kept. Things well kept will increase the frequency, and those that are not, become energy guzzlers.

Some Frequency Determinants

  • Loose lying clothes bring down the frequency of a house.
  • Clutter is a big energy guzzler. Many people have the habit of storing things thinking “they may need it in the future”. They never end up using them, and instead keep contributing to the clutter in the house. Discard items that you don’t need. These hamper energy movements in the house.
  • Cobwebs. These trap energy. The cleaner the house, the more the energy.
  • A well-kept puja room. The altar or puja room is where the energy of the house is generated. Make sure it is clean and sans any broken or chipped idols.
  • Poor colour. The colour of the rooms plays a big role in improving energy. Lighter colours juxtaposed with darker shades is good.
  • Cross ventilation. Airy rooms are better in terms of energy.
If you have too many electromagnetic objects in the house, that creates disturbing frequencies.

Do we need to insulate ourselves?

Do these sentences sound familiar?

  • “Oh my battery is down.”
  • “We are on the same wavelength.”
  • “We share similar vibes”
  • “We both are on the same frequency.”

These sentences comprise normal daily lingo of most of us, don’t they? But why do we use the terms ‘battery’, ‘wavelength’, ‘vibrations’ and ‘frequency’? If you notice, all of these are words from the electromagnetism lexicon. Why do we refer to a battery? Is this battery located inside our body? Is it chargeable? What frequency are we referring to? Which wavelength? If you have been following this column, much of the subjects in it have dealt with the connection between science and spirituality; about how everything that you do or don’t do has an electromagnetic bearing.

If that is the case, we are as ‘electrical’ as a wire. No wonder, we hear people say – “Oh, he’s wired in that fashion”. A wire is cannot function without insulation. The plastic around the wire is the insulator and the wire itself is the conductor. A conductor, by nature loses energy, and the insulator’s job is to prevent energy loss.

The human body too is a conductor. Why do Shah Rukh Khan fans scream hysterically and feel the shivers and the current when they spot him? It is a case of electromagnetic conduction. That’s the reason an attractive person is termed as magnetic.

So, does the human body have an insulator too? Yes, it does, in the form of the aura that envelops it. Numerous writings are available on this subject, but it always pays to know as much detail about it as possible.

If your aura is weak (i.e. if you are poorly insulated), your energy leakage will be more. The symptoms will include fatigue, lethargy, loss, hurt, stress, insecurity, fear of the future, etc. In other words, a poor insulation will result in energy loss. Just like the electric wire. But unlike the wire where a coat of plastic does the trick, the human body has a variety of ways to strengthen the aura.

These include good diet, a positive outlook, adequate exposure to the five elements (air, fire, water, earth and space), prayers, donation, love, time, etc. It’s a game we play throughout life – the game of increasing our conductivity and simultaneously increasing our insulation. A perfect balance between the two produces a healthy human being.

This need for insulation why it is advised that meditation be done by sitting on a mat, preferably made of the Kusha grass. It acts as an insulator and prevents the earth from sucking the energy. It is also advised that food be taken this way. The concept is the same. It just goes to show that our ancestors were so far ahead in their thinking.

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How well do you manage your space

Every spiritual seeker would be aware of the five elements that rule our existence – air, fire, water, earth and space/ether. If you want your life to be balanced, it is essential for you to be able to ‘manage’ each of these elements. Pranayam or the science of right breathing, is a classic technique of doing this. In fact, Pranayam helps in managing all the elements: air, with inhalation and expiration; fire, because the regulated breathing through the nostrils affects the nadis or energy pathways in the body and regulates temperature; water, because your body is 75 per cent water and the frequency generated by right breathing influences it; earth, because you are seated on the ground when doing pranayam; and space, because you took out time to do the pranayam.

Space is a very interesting medium. It’s a strange and different element. It’s just there. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, and you can’t say how far it extends. You can’t even say what, if anything, it’s made of. According to Einstein, space expands and contracts depending on what velocity we’re moving at, and it gets bent out of shape by the presence of solid matter.

We react to space typically: there is ‘your space’ and there is space that’s ‘not yours’. Check out parking lots and you will get the distinction clear – “That’s my parking space. You stick to yours”. Sounds familiar? Territorial behaviour has ruled living beings since eons. Not only humans, it is common knowledge that the animal and insect kingdoms function on territorial basis as well.

But the fact remains; do we own space at all? Well, maybe not. Even when you are sitting absolutely still, you are moving. The planet is spinning on its axis and revolving around the sun, the whole solar system is swinging around the galactic core, and the galaxy itself is rushing away from every other galaxy at an incomprehensible velocity. So although you think there’s a ‘your space’, you are never actually in the same space for two consecutive moments.

You can only ‘borrow’ space. You can’t own it. And during the time that you have borrowed, you need to keep that space well. You may own a flat in Mumbai, which you feel is ‘your space’. God forbid, if a natural calamity strikes and the flat is destroyed, ‘your space’ is gone. Or let’s get real: if the underworld decides to occupy your flat, your space is no longer yours!

That’s the reason, it’s more important to keep the space pure than boast about the existence of the space. The size of the flat is not as important as the way it has been kept. A small flat well maintained generates more energy than a large apartment badly kept.

So, concentrate on keeping your space pure. Not just physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual as well.

My column in

Starting June 5, my column 'Connect-Ticket' has got an online presence in (Click on Columnists, and scroll down to my name). So far, this column was restricted to print, and therefore the print audience, which in any case is limited. Now, a global audience will bring about, hopefully, with its own set of energy changes.

I am doing this column in a question-answer format to address queries on energy movements and principles to the best I know about the subject. This subject can only be discussed and the concepts shared: it may take many lifetimes before one actually knows the truth.

So, do visit the portal and my column there, and bombard me with questions :)

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The knack of getting into trouble

Why do drug addicts hang around with fellow drug addicts? Why do spiritual satsang-attendees hang around with similar-minded people? What is the Page 3 culture all about with everybody who’s part of it talking about dress, stress and less? Why do some people attract wealth wherever they go and whatever they do? Why do we find ourselves sometimes thinking the same thought throughout the week or month? Why is it that some people always have a knack of getting into trouble, like Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth, and why do some always attract success, like Dhoni? The answer lies in an oft-repeated and randomly-used word: frequency.

We all have a frequency. We operate on one. Our frequency is determined by our breathing rate, and this frequency determines the vibration of the atoms inside us. Everything – living, non-living, animate, inanimate - vibrates because everything comprises atoms. When one person’s vibration is harmonious with another’s, they exclaim, “Oh, we share a similar frequency!” Or “we vibe well” or “our tuning matches”.

In other words, we use physics terms like ‘frequency’, ‘vibration’, ‘tuning’, etc., in our everyday lingo without really understanding the true meaning of the sentences. Put another way, we end up using words that actually denote the big truth, but we simply don’t realise that.

So, two people resonating similarly will have similar interests, tastes, etc., and those whose frequencies don’t match, will have cat-fights galore. “Oh they just can’t ‘get along’ with each other” we say. ‘Get along’ or in other words, ‘resonate’. Likewise, if a person’s frequency resonates with the frequency of a book, that book will become that person’s ‘favourite’ book. Ditto with chair (my favourite chair), food item, toy, corner, etc.

Operating on a set frequency can also give rise to attachments. For instance, different activities or thought processes– like spirituality, sex, reading, gossiping, gambling, cleaning, etc. - have different frequencies. Ordinarily speaking, we call this ‘addiction’. Have you seen people who cannot get sleep without getting their daily dose of gossip? How about those who are addicted to talking and thinking about sex? Then there are some people who are addicted to being scrupulously clean. They keep on cleaning everything. We also call this OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour.

All these categories of people are ‘frequency-victims’ ie. they are like damaged long-playing records that keeps tripping on a particular point while rotating on the spindle. They will continue to operate on the same frequency as if on autopilot till something happens that suddenly changes their frequency. A typical example would be people who start behaving completely differently from their usual self, after witnessing the death of a close one.

If you find yourself doing an activity repeatedly and want to get rid of that habit, practise slow breathing. A simple way to do this is to watch your breathing – as the air goes in and comes out of your nostrils. Just the act of watching will slow down your breathing. Prolonged differential rate of breathing will change your frequency will snap you out of your addiction.

Remember, there are only two truths in this world – one is you breathe; the other is you will die. Death is not in your hands, but breathing definitely is. It is up to you how correctly you want to breathe. Well, the yogic science of pranayama is all about that, isn’t it?

An energy ballistic system?

A few weeks back, India successfully test-fired a ballistic missile that the army claims will be able to intercept and destroy enemy missiles. Though this was criticised by many nations, in many ways, your body also functions the same way, isn’t it? Your body’s defence mechanism gets activated whenever a germ or virus attacks it. White blood corpuscles get into the act, they ‘rush’ towards the enemy and defeat it – much the same way the ballistic missile is expected to work.

The body takes care of itself when there is a physical attack: it gets the arms and feet into defensive postures. However, it is during the mental and emotional attacks that your body often finds itself incapable of defending itself on its own unless it has been sufficiently armed with 'ballistic missiles' in the form of proper upbringing, right inner programming, a positive attitude and a lightness of spirit.

These traits help counter any kind of negativity that may drain you of your energy. Once you have mentally programmed to think positive, you need not bother about any emotional attack because your body automatically gets into defensive mode the moment it sniffs an attack. The art of positive thinking is the missile shield that the body has, or rather, should have. It builds an energy defence system for you that helps in time of emotional warfare.

Unfortunately, positive thinking is an art not many possess though it is one of the easiest to develop. Many people succumb due to their inability to see the brighter side of the picture. The fact of the matter is that an event or incident doesn’t have polarities. The polarity (the positive or negative impacts) is created depending on your reaction to that event. Many go through life saying ‘God has been unkind to me’, whereas the fact of the matter is that much of the events that may have unfolded is a direct result of that individual’s response to the situation.

So, is there an energy lesson to learn in this? Of course! It definitely will pay you rich dividends to get an energy ballistic system for yourself. And you know what, you don’t need to ask the US for permission to get it!

The power of breathing

We are currently witnessing a tumultuous period of immense energy changes in the form of job losses, a new American president, strife in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and of course, our internal troubles. All are energy upheavals of a kind that’s put our personal energy completely out of gear. How should you then, manage your energy in this scenario?

Have you noticed how you react when you read of upheavals of any kind? Let us assume your job is shaky. Do you find your breathing getting faster whenever you think about the future? Do you feel emptiness near your navel and a tightening of your buttock muscles when you wonder how you will manage your family?
Well, that is typically how the body’s chakras react to any kind of energy disturbance. In holistic healing lingo, your mooladhara and solar plexus chakras get affected. A chakra, according to holistic healing, is an energy centre located along the spine. There are seven major ones and 144 minor ones located all over the body. These chakras are connected to the endocrine system, which in turn releases hormones. Hence, a malfunction of the chakra is said to cause hormonal imbalance.
Changes in breathing patterns also affect one more thing: your frequency. The rate and type of your breathing determines the frequency you create within and around your body. Have you noticed on days when you are irritated, you find everything going awry, and on days, when you are peaceful, you find the world peaceful? That’s because your frequency affects the world around you. It affects the people near you. These ‘affected people’ in turn emit further disturbed frequencies and the final result, is complete turmoil – a state where the frequency is said to have gone completely haywire.
If you pause and ponder, you will realise that the only factor under your control is your breath. Nothing else is. The entire world functions on its own wisdom and you can only respond to it. You may think you will go to office and return in the evening. But even a simple action as taking a step is dependent on your body functioning properly, on an earthquake not hitting your city, on something not falling on your head, etc. Simply put, apart from your breath, you have nothing else under your control. And when you are faced with a situation, all you can and should do is control your breathing.
We generally breathe wrongly. It is a habit that is developed over the years. Have you noticed how a baby breathes? Its breathing pattern is completely different from adults. Being conscious about your every moment, your every breath, lends you a peace that will make these energy upheavals insignificant. You will feel happy in the knowledge that you are in control over the Big B – your Breath.
Try this: Every morning, sit straight facing the east or north, cross-legged, close your eyes, and watch your breath as it goes in and comes out. After a few minutes into the meditation, you will find your breathing rate decrease. When you reach a stage when you find yourself immensely peaceful, mentally count how many inspirations and expirations you are doing in a minute. Keep this count in mind, and throughout your waking hours, consciously relax your breathing so that you get to the inspiration-expiration count that you had during meditation. This exercise will alter your frequency and in turn alter the frequencies of things around you. If you consistently do this, you will find the energy in and around you getting harmonious and the so-called unmanageable events also getting streamlined.

Back after a hiatus

My last post here was in November! A two-month break, and voila! what energy changes I have had in my life. A rebirth - I became a father of a baby girl. :):):) A rejig - I took a month off from work. A realisation - of where I stand in life.

December 30, 2008 has been one of the most important days in my life, when God blessed Chithra and me with a baby girl. All of 3.1 kg, 19 inches, lung power that shook the hospital corridors, and an innocence that dissolves every stress in the world.
It's said, life changes after a baby enters the picture. Quite true. Of course, for us the journey has just begun. There is obviously, much much more to come. And we are looking forward to it. For now, all we are doing is look at her face for the occasional flash of a beatific smile, and her nappy to see, well, if everything's hunky dry ;)
Babies are energy laboratories. They are pure white energy. No complications whatsoever. They are without ego. They are without expectations. They are without emotional baggage. They don't latch on to unpleasant experiences. Their mode of communication is uncomplicated. Just the bawl. Different pitches and tones of that bawl convey different meansings. And the parents, grandparents and associated cootchi-cooers surrounding her, learn over a period of time what kind of bawling means what. Amazing!
Unlike grown-ups of course, who use expressions, words, sounds, gestures and what not to communicate. And more often than not, each mode of expression is different from each other. A person's expression may be nice, but the words may not.
Babies speak in one language - no wonder they are divine and closest to Godliness.