What’s your energy level?

Is there any way to know what is the level of your energy? Do you know how much energy you are consuming, how much you are wasting, and how much you need? Whether the energy you exude is positive or negative? Simple observation will give you the answers.

Watch the door: Have you observed how people open doors, especially when going from one room to the other. Some swing the door open regardless of whether anyone is there on the other side; some others open it so cautiously, just enough to let their bodies pass; some, on opening the door, don’t bother to see whether anyone is following them; while still others would open the door to a comfortable extent, and also check if anyone is following them and keep the door open to let that person enter.
The way you open the door shows how much energy you are demanding for yourself at that point in time. Have you noticed that angry people swing the door open wildly and bang the door shut? And the good-mood ones are invariably gentle with the doors! Well, that’s because you involuntarily behave the way your energy demands you to.

Watch the food and water: The canteen is a very good laboratory if you want to study energy patterns. Notice how much food you take in your plate and how you eat it. Do you take a plateful and waste virtually the entire lot? Or do you take a plateful and eat it all? Are you one of those who takes a little and nibbles over it for hours? Or are you the I’ll-take-just-enough-and-finish-it-all kinds
Similarly, observe how you drink water. Do you fill the glass full, drink 80 per cent and throw out the rest? Do you fill 20 per cent, drink it, again fill 20 per cent and go on that way? Or do you drink the entire glassful?

The way you bathe: Observe the way you bathe. If you have a bucket bath, do you leave water behind in the bucket when you finish? When you wash your hands at the basin, how much water do you use? And what is the force of the water?

Loose lying clothes: If clothes are lying loosely in your house, watch whether you are prompted to pick it up and fold it away? Or do you just let them be.

All these are symptoms for you to judge your energy flow. In the ‘door experiment’, you are dealing with the space element. Your action determines how much of the ‘space element’ you are consuming and needing at that point. Roughly put, the more wild your behaviour with the door, the more mismanaged your energy is.
Food and water denote the water element. The amount of water you consume will vary according to your moods and energy requirement. Have you noticed, the days when you are chirpy, you tend to be more conscious of wastage of any kind?

Energy can be understood through symptoms. In lay lingo, we call it ‘shagun’ or indications. Since energy can be seen only with people possessing auric sight ie the ability to see auras, and most people are not blessed with that. Hence, lay people can sense energy and understand its movements by watching what’s happening in and around them.