Fractals and the universe

Recently, a musical programme was held to raise funds for a eleven year-old boy, Anuj, who had recently undergone a bone marrow transplant surgery at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai; the marrow was donated by 13 year-old sister, Shivani. This musical show was attended by about 400 people, which included the deputy mayor of Mumbai.
What was amazing was that all these people had taken out time to be there for one family – the Chaurasiyas. They empathized with them, understanding how difficult it must have been for Sanjay Chaurasiya – a paanwala in Banaras – and his wife to see their son, Anuj, and daughter Shivani go through this trauma. This coupled with the fact that they have to raise Rs 10 lakh for the operation.
The music band, Ecstacy, that performed there, did so free of cost. The musicians not only didn’t take money, but instead contributed money towards the cause. The sheer thought of mobilizing the collective consciousness of the citizens of Mumbai is also a daunting task – something that was done admirably by the group called Youth For People.
A closer observation of how this was made possible revealed an intrinsic mosaic of small events – a group member happening to meet someone who knew of the music band which in turn resulted in this show being organized. Then, again, someone knew the deputy mayor, who liked the cause, and in turn pledged her support to help the boy. There was a gentleman who came up on stage and said “Mr Chaurasiya, Anuj has become part of our family and we will do our best to make him well.” How did all this happen – something that was unthinkable just a few months back when Anuj’s father was wondering how he is going to cope with the situation he was facing. Why did these unseen people who till now had no clue about Anuj and his condition, suddenly come together? Was it coincidence or an orchestrated plan from the Divine?

Energy Gyaan: Energy has this wonderful ability of opening up channels. Surely, you must have heard the age-old adage - ‘When one door closes, another door opens’. The more you move the energy, the more channels it opens. Translated, it means the more you explore possibilities, the more possibilities emerge. If you sit back resigned and say ‘nothing is possible’ – well, nothing will be possible.
Universal energy behaves like fractal art – the visual depiction of complex mathematical equations. For those who have never seen fractal art, check the internet for examples of it. When you try to work on fractal art, it behaves just like the universal energy – new magnificent designs burst open with every click of the mouse.
Anuj’s case was like fractal art. With every click and attempt made by scores of people working for his betterment, more channels are opening up and more possibilities are emerging. His case just shows how beautifully this universe works. How there is nothing called a hopeless case. How something will always emerge out of every seemingly hopeless situation. For that to happen, all you got to do is make a positive move, and the universe does the rest by opening up the channels.

All in a day's work

It’s amazing how much one can learn about energy movements by just watching and talking to people. Two experiences in the past two hours had me thinking, and learning.
Today morning, I boarded a taxi driven by a genial Muslim gentleman who seemed to be in his late sixties. A casual chat ensued, and I got to know that he was a cabbie since 1968. “Is this your taxi?” I asked him. “Nahi saab, it belongs to one of four brothers who between them own 50 taxis in Mumbai!” he said, and quickly added, “You know what, I have three houses in Mumbai, and a 2000-sq ft place in Mumbra. I also own a shop there. I have managed to invest and buy wisely, and if I want, I can sit at home and live on the interest and rent.”
Then why don’t you, I asked. “Because if I decide to do that, illnesses will take over, and my life will be all about going from one doctor to the other. Aadmi ko khaali nahin baitna chahiye, kuch na kuch karte rehna chahiye,” he said, sagely, before proceeding to admonish a younger taxi-driver for trying to overtake wrongly.
Energy gyaan: Keep the energy moving. The point is not about what you have achieved in life and then resting on those laurels. Excellence and achievement is a continuous process because principles of energy management doesn’t recognise achievement as a reason to stop work. Keep going and the energy will continue to flow.

About half hour back, as I was about to pen this column, a young college student barged into my cabin. She looked nervous, and requested a minute of my time. She was holding a thick encyclopaedia in her hands and furiously proceeded to convince me to buy it. Within a minute, she had made her sales pitch – “Sir, Rs 1500 ka book, I will give you for Rs 300. The book has answers to every question,” she implored. The book did look interesting and three hundred bucks was a good price as well. However, what was more interesting was this girl’s attitude.
“I have come from Goa, sir, as part of a group of management students. Selling this book is part of our project and I will get a certificate if I manage to sell 15 books,” she explained in halting English before switching over to a more comfortable Hindi. “How did you manage to enter this building? Were you not stopped at the entrance?” I asked, a bit incredulous considering the tight security visitors have to encounter. “I just said I am a management student and managed to come in,” she said, her face breaking into a mischievous grin. And once in, she happened to start off proceedings with me. As simple as that.
Here’s a girl who hails from a small-time management institute in Goa, comes to a megapolis like Mumbai for her project, chooses an ocean of an office that is The Times of India building as her first stop, and despite her nervousness and lack of communication skills, manages to ultimately sell quite a few of the books she had carried with her.
Energy gyaan: Make your move boldly and firmly, and the energy will automatically adjust itself according to your situation. Just the way that the people in a crowded train compartment adjust themselves when more people get in, energy has its way of catering to and allowing for different situations to unfold.