Are you grounded?

One of the hallmarks of a humble person is his ability to "be on the ground". There is a saying for those who show pride - "He is air-headed"...Have you ever wondered what makes the former "connected" to the ground, and the latter go "up in the air"? The answer lies in a technique called grounding.
We are all aware of electrical grounding. When your electrician does the wiring of your house, he installs one wire called the earthing, that which takes the energy into the earth. It is defined as "fastening electrical equipment to earth". Our bodies too are made up of electrical impulses and need to be grounded constantly.
Your body is a transformer of energy. You bring in magnetic energy from the earth, and you bring in electrical energy from the cosmos, and your body mixes and uses these two energies, generally within the areas of the solar plexus and heart. The lower part of the body is the entry for a lot of the magnetic energy. That is what you might consider to be "earth grounding" energy. And the top of your head and back of the neck is the usual doorway for the electrical or "sky grounding" energy.
In you, earth and sky meet and mingle. It is your nature to blend these two as fuel for your life here on the planet.The basic rule of thumb in grounding is to recognize whether and how much you are ungrounded. Electrical grounding energy : You have experienced this through sunshine. It is a warm, expansive kind of energy,which can make you feel open, contented, and encompassed or held.
On the other hand, too much electrical energy coming in can make you feel lightheaded, disoriented, burnt out ("fried"), or jumpy and irritable. Too much (or notenough) sky energy may make you crave sugar.Earth energy: It is heavy and solid. It is slow, stately and reassuring. If you lie on the ground for a while, feeling the solidity of earth, the support of the ground beneath you, the heaviness of being a physical creature, that is magnetic energy. Too much of it can make you feel confused, lazy, logy, or sleepy. Too much (or not enough) earth energy may announce itself through cravings for salt.
The art of grounding is the art of learning to balance earth and sky energy within your body. When you find yourself feeling great turmoil, confusion, disconnection, stop what you are doing and take stock of what is happening to your energy. If you have been doing a lot of mental work, for example, and are feeling unsettled, then it makes sense to re-ground yourself in the earth.
Go for a walk, or hold a rock over your solar plexus (or wherever you feel a need for it). Play withyour cat or dog, allowing her elemental energy to bring you back to solid ground. If on the other hand, you have been busy with physical work, or sick and overly focussed in your body, then bringing in some sky energy can help. Listen to music, sit in the sunshine, let your thoughts take off and soar into the realms ofimagination for a time.

Grounding Techniques: There are many, but the classic one is to visualize roots coming out of your feet or mooladhara chakra (tailbone). Visualise the roots spreading itself in the earth. You can invent your techniques, but basically work with the four elements (fire, air, earth, water) to ground yourself and find balance. If you are at your desk and feeling low energy, lighting a candle and gazing at it for a while can re-vitalize your energy. Do you see why many spiritual rituals begin with a bath or cleansing (water), the sweeping of the floor and arrangement of furniture (earth), the lighting of candles (fire) and music or the lighting of incense (air)?

The best way to lose weight

Try this technique if you are trying to lose weight. Shoo away everybody from your house, strip completely and stand nude in front of a full-length mirror. Now look at yourself and learn to love yourself. Often, what happens is an obese person develops self-hatred; he/she just can't bear to look at all that excess fat in the body. Poor self-worth, in energy terms, causes an imbalance of energy in the body. And when this imbalance keeps increasing, the body's allocation of resources to its various portion suffers a great deal. And fat accumulation takes place. So, the key to good health is a healthy self-worth.
There are some people are obsessed with themselves, and care two hoots for the world. That's one extreme. At the other are those who doubt everything that they do. "Oh please, I'm too dumb. I'll never be able to achieve that.." Heard statements like that? Treading the middle path, where one loves oneself, and takes steps to take care of oneself, ensures good health.

Smoothening energy flows
When we leave the house, it's advised that we do not stop midway or go back into the house again. Basically, the advice is to leave briskly and swiftly, and if that's not possible, to sit for sometime and then leave again. Have you had anyone tell you this? How did this practice come about and what does it mean? Again, it is related to energy flow. When you take a step to do something or leave somewhere, you are deciding the energy flow for that particular activity. A sloppy start will mean a disturbed energy flow for that activity whereas a swift start will ensure a smooth journey ahead.
The practice of sitting down for a while before leaving the house again, is aimed at smoothening the energy flow again. Have you seen what happens when you disturb the water of a smooth flowing stream? The water flow goes haywire doesn't it? And all you have to do to normalise the flow is to wait a while. The same concept works here. Sitting down for a while allows the energy flow to normalise and ensures that the rest of the activities that you undertake during the day goes smoothly.